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Geller Law Group Response to Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action

The Geller Law Group’s Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision on Affirmative Action in Student Admissions

Today we watched as the Supreme Court gave its ruling striking down affirmative action in the student admission process for colleges and universities. This unfortunate event dismantles pathways of opportunity put into place decades ago to ensure underrepresented populations had a fair consideration when applying to higher education.

Our firm feels disheartened by this decision and wants to reiterate our commitment to and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the United States. Our hope is that colleges and universities will work diligently to find effective ways to continue to diversify their student populations and hinder the continued perpetuation of systemic disparities. We all have a role to play to continue to advocate for the reduction and elimination of barriers our underrepresented populations face.

“My message to our country’s youth: Do not let this decision diminish the goals you may have set forth for yourself. Instead let this decision be further motivation to not only accomplish what you’ve set out to do but surpass it. When these barriers arise, we must not sit in silence, but continue to fight and break through them.” – Rahni Jenkins, Chief Human Resources & Operations Officer

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Important Message from The Geller Law Group:

“Our firm is taking affirmative steps to expand our prior work to help combat racism and inequality. This month, our firm’s Donation Matching Program is solely focused on donating thousands of dollars to organizations that support black lives, such as the Loveland Foundation – Therapy for Black Women and Girls, Campaign Zero, Southern Poverty Law Center, HB4 Diversity, Movement for Black Lives, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, The Opportunity Agenda and the National Black Justice Coalition.”

“Our firm is wholeheartedly committed to fighting inequality and injustice. We vow to always use our voice to stand up for people of color. We hope you will join us in our efforts to combat racism.” 

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