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Probate & Estate Administration

Our growing probate practice extends across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Recently, we were ranked among the Best Probate Lawyers in Alexandria by While each jurisdiction in which we practice has its own rules and guidelines, our attorneys are skilled at navigating the different processes. We understand that handling the administration of a family member or friend’s estate can be emotionally taxing and our team is here to reduce administrative burdens for our client. 

We assist clients serving as Personal Representative of the estate in all aspects of the administration, guiding our clients through the probate appointment, court filings, and subsequent deadlines. We work closely with accountants and financial advisors on any estate tax issues as well as with realtors if and when there is real estate that needs to be sold, and can assist out-of-state executors with ancillary probate of local real estate. In Virginia, we walk executors and administrators through preparing the estate inventory and with successive account filings with the Commissioner of Accounts.

Our attorneys are experienced with administering all types of estates – those with wills, no wills, insolvent to multi-million-dollar estates. Especially in instances where there is no estate planning in place, it can be difficult for one to know where to even begin and we are here to walk clients through step-by-step.  

If you are an heir and/or beneficiary of an estate and need assistance understanding the process, we can ensure your interests are properly protected. Every estate is unique, and you need an attorney who is compassionate, organized, and dedicated to making sure your needs are met through what can be a very difficult and overwhelming time.

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