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GLG+ Ongoing Legal Planning

GLG+ is a legal subscription program for Geller Law Group clients who desire ongoing Estate Planning advice and document updates without having to worry about the billable hour. 

GLG+ Ongoing Legal Planning


Attorneys from our Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Team discuss an exciting new legal subscription plan for our clients — GLG+

Peace-of-Mind Estate Planning

As your strategic partner and trusted advisor, our goal is to make it easier for you to access high-quality legal assistance, get proactive advice, mitigate risks and surprises, plan your budget with predictability, and save money. 

Aside from laws that are always changing or new circumstances in your life that require updates to your estate plan, our team wants to make sure you have access to the legal expertise you need without having to worry about the billable hour.

We know peace of mind is so important when it comes to making sure your legal affairs are in order. GLG+ offers a range of services that makes the estate planning process easier and allows us to continue as your trusted advisor, even after the ink is dry on your original plans.

GLG+ Annual Subscription Includes:*

Annual Estate Plan Review:

Once per year, our team will provide a questionnaire to determine if any material changes in your circumstances or in federal/state laws may warrant updating your estate plan. A written summary of recommendations will be provided as part of the annual review.

Estate Plan Updates:

One Estate Plan update per year upon your request, including: Trust(s), Certificate(s) of Trust, Will(s), Power(s) of Attorney, and Advance Healthcare Directive(s) and HIPAA release(s). GLG+ does not include drafting new estate documents.

Two Hours Consultation (by appointment only) with GLG Attorneys for:

  • Successor/Trustee Meeting – an initial consultation with your successor trustee and/or executor (upon their request) if you or your spouse passes away 
  • Family/Fiduciary Meeting – for you and your children and/or named fiduciaries, where we will review how you’ve structured your estate plan
  • Advisor Meeting – for you and your Financial Advisor, CPA, or other professional to discuss questions regarding your estate plan
  • Estate Planning Meeting – to answer any questions that you may have about your estate plan

Power of Attorney / Advanced Healthcare Directive for Your Children:

For your college-aged child(ren), we will provide them with a Power of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directive at no additional cost.

Discounted GLG Legal Services:

10% discount on Geller Law Group legal services beyond what is included as part of GLG+, such as formation/compliance for a business, review or drafting of a contract, probate and trust administration, and creation of additional estate planning documents. 

Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) for Minor Children Care:

Once per year, our team will draft an LPOA for you or update/amend a previously drafted LPOA.

Discounted Rate for Deeds:

A 50% discount from our standard rates to draft and record fees for a Deed of Gift or Transfer on Death Deed.

Free Notary Services:

Access to our notaries 5x a year at our Fairfax Office and limited availability in our DC office (by appointment only)

Take advantage of this plan and earn peace of mind!

*Subject to terms and conditions

There when & how
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