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Rebecca Geller Honored with Two Leadership Awards

On June 7, 2019 firm President/CEO, Rebecca Geller, was honored as Emerging Leader of the Year at the Greater Washington Good Business Awards event hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Rebecca Geller accepts the Emerging Leader of the Year Award at the Greater Washington Good Business Awards

The award is presented to an individual who demonstrates exceptional leadership, innovation and outstanding contributions to the community.

The Geller Law Group was also nominated as Good Business of the Year.

Thursday, June 6, Rebecca was honored with the Silent Sentinel Award by the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial.

Rebecca Geller accepts the Silent Sentinel Award from the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial.

Rebecca Geller accepts the Silent Sentinel Award from the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial.

The award was bestowed upon Rebecca for her support of women in the workplace and creating a law firm that offers high quality legal services without employees having to sacrifice home time with their families. Rebecca’s leadership advocating for legislation in Virginia to legally protect mothers’ rights to breastfeed in public was also noted. Additionally, Rebecca was celebrated for providing temp jobs to furloughed government workers this past January during the shutdown.

Other honorees included: President James E. Carter, Jr.; The Honorable Barbara Mikulski; Brig. Gen. Clara L. Adams-Ender, USA, Ret.; Alyssa Milano; Cokie Roberts; and Brig. Gen. Wilma L. Vaught, USAF, Ret.

Silent Sentinel Award Honorees

Silent Sentinel Award Honorees

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