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Mastering Family Law Mediation: An Effective Roadmap for Striking a Balance

Mastering Mediation

Understanding Family Law Mediation: A Cost-Effective Way Forward

Mediation is a cost-effective process that will allow you and your spouse/co-parent more control and creativity in navigating your separation, divorce, and co-parenting arrangements.  

The Objective of Mediation: Reaching a Comprehensive Agreement for Both Parties

The goal of the mediation process is to reach a comprehensive agreement. This agreement may cover one or all of the following issues: 

  1. property division
  2. spousal support
  3. child support and/or custody   

These agreements can be broadly or narrowly tailored to the specific needs of a case. Family law mediators will work with you to reach an agreement that is the right fit for your family.

Cost Considerations in Mediation: What to Expect

The cost of the mediation will depend on what issues you are looking to resolve and the complexity of those issues. At The Geller Law Group, our mediators offer a virtual 30-minute initial consultation to go over the mediation process. On this call, the cost for the retainer is determined, as well as how the parties will share in the cost. The initial consultation cost is $150, which must be paid in advance.

Efficiency and Timeline of Mediation: A Quicker Path Towards Resolution

Mediation is typically a much quicker and more efficient route than litigation, but mediators cannot predict the length of any particular mediation process. A resolution can take as many sessions as the parties require.

Mediators at GLG work with clients to achieve their timing goals. When thinking about how long the process may take, it’s important to keep in mind that compiling the financial information necessary to begin the mediation process may take a significant amount of time. 

Identifying the Right Time to Contact a Mediator

If you and your spouse or co-parent are discussing separation or divorce, or already have separated and both agree you would like to resolve matters without litigation, contact a mediator sooner rather than later. You can reach a mediated settlement agreement at any time, even if you have begun litigation. 

Legal Advice and the Role of the Mediator: Ensuring Neutrality and Fairness in the Process

A mediator cannot provide legal advice to either party; they are neutral third parties and do not serve as advocates for anyone involved. It is recommended that each party in a mediation obtain separate legal counsel to review the final agreement and provide them with an independent legal analysis. 

Mediators facilitate the conversation, advise on the law, and assist in coming up with options for resolution; however, the role of the mediator is not to make a decision for you, in mediation the parties always have the final say.

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