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Geller Law Group Recognized in Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s “Law Firms On the Move” List

Geller Law Group Recognized in Virginia Lawyers Weekly's "Law Firms On the Move" List

In a state rich with legal talent, The Geller Law Group was one of just 11 firms to be honored in Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s inaugural “Law Firms on the Move” program. The program celebrates innovative law firms that are stretching the boundaries of traditional legal practice—firms they consider “ones to watch.”

The distinguished few firms on the 2023 list have shown a commitment to innovation in:

  • Firm management and legal practice
  • Growth strategies
  • New practice areas
  • Community outreach
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

GLG stands tall among both large general practice firms and smaller boutique firms.

This recognition resonates deeply with The Geller Law Group. From day one, we have been driven by a vision of a law practice rooted in community. We understand that our clients are people seeking guidance in the complex field of law as they navigate life and business challenges. Our approach has been not just to counsel but to connect, fostering long-term trusted partnerships with those we serve.

Our team’s commitment to community extends well beyond the walls of GLG. We thoroughly enjoy participating in community outreach initiatives and work tirelessly toward advancing DE&I in our firm and the broader legal landscape.

Furthermore, innovation, to GLG, is not a buzzword—it’s a founding principle. We’re proud that Virginia Lawyers Weekly has recognized that for over a decade, our leadership team has pushed the boundaries of traditional law firm operations and shaped the legal landscape through our commitment to family, community, innovation and growth.

Excerpt from Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s “Law Firms On the Move” Program

“After leaving a large law firm in 2011, Rebecca Geller set out to start a firm aimed at recognizing the importance of family, while appreciating the challenges of balancing active parenthood with work productivity. 

Twelve years later, Geller Law Group is a 33-person-strong company that has become the template for innovation regarding work-life balance in law firms. 

In the decade since GLG’s launch, the firm has been profiled in a New York Times Sunday Business Section cover story and in a Washington Business Journal story under the header, “How Rebecca Geller Built a Law Firm Around Working Parents.” 

Geller believes that happy people are more productive and produce higher quality work. Equally important is her recognition that if firms regard golfing as a business activity, playgroups should count as well. 

To this end, Geller actively encourages lawyers and staff to volunteer — without guilt — in their kids’ classrooms, chaperone field trips or attend performances and competitions. To make this possible, Geller Law embraced flex and remote work before the pandemic, when such policies were extremely rare in legal services. 

Currently almost 40 children have a parent working for GLG, and their average age is six. The firm’s progressive approach to management has been a magnet for rainmakers seeking a professional home that accommodates their responsibilities and desires as parents. 

GLG deals in family law, business law and civil litigation, as well as wills, trusts, estates and probate. The firm counts more than 17,000 clients throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, with year-on-year revenue growth of 10 to 20 percent. 

In addition to encouraging team member involvement in their kids’ lives, GLG also incentivizes community involvement, allowing lawyers to count 50 hours of pro bono work against their billable targets.  

The firm has provided free training for lawyers to represent unaccompanied immigrant children escaping trafficking and violence. GLG also manages legal needs, pro-bono for several immigration outreach centers, specifically assisting undocumented immigrants with power-of-attorney papers outlining how children will be cared for in the case their parents are deported.”

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