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Geller Law Group Honored With Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s First “Empowering Women” Award

Geller Law Group Wins Empowering Women Award

In recognition of our steadfast commitment to advancing and championing women in the legal profession, The Geller Law Group proudly announces receipt of Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s inaugural “Empowering Women” Award. Honorees recently were profiled in the March 18, 2024, edition of the publication.

About Empowering Women

Empowering Women honors law firms that are making strides in promoting women attorneys in Virginia, both professionally and within their communities. The honor recognizes efforts in hiring and promoting women, combatting inequality, leading women’s mentoring programs, and pushing the boundaries to advance women’s empowerment through external philanthropic and community initiatives.

A Revolutionary Law Firm Model that Supports Working Parents

Founded by Rebecca Geller in 2021, who witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by women striving to balance demanding legal careers with their family lives, The Geller Law Group has been a leader in innovation and change. Discontent with the status quo that drove brilliant women away from the profession, Rebecca set out to create an alternative model—one where women could thrive both as lawyers and as actively involved parents.

Rebecca offered firm employees remote work and flexible and part-time scheduling options long before they became industry standards. She established a revolutionary law firm model that encouraged her team to meld professional ambitions with personal responsibilities, knowing that the happiness employees experience in their jobs gets passed onto firm clients.

Empowering Women Through Action

The Geller Law Group’s accomplishments in elevating women extend beyond flexible work arrangements. The majority of the firm’s team members joined early in their legal careers and progressed quickly to senior positions—more quickly than they would in a traditional large firm model. 

GLG’s generous parental leave policy and the ability for women to work reduced hours after having a baby make the firm a special place for moms or those who plan to become moms. GLG has hired multiple attorneys to join the firm while they are pregnant because we believe in investing in our team for the long term. 

To further elevate women inside the firm and in the broader legal profession, GLG creates social media content and blog posts announcing their accomplishments. This Black History Month, the firm created an article titled “7 Influential Black Women Lawyers and Judges in Recent History” to raise awareness of the need for more young Black women’s voices in the legal realm.

GLG has made significant strides in its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), enlisting the expertise of industry leaders to forge a more inclusive environment. With a dedicated Chief Human Resource and Operations Officer and initiatives targeting the recruitment and promotion of marginalized women, GLG embraces the transformative power of intentional, inclusive practices.

By promoting women into leadership roles and championing professional development opportunities, The Geller Law Group not only supports its team internally but also makes substantial contributions to the broader legal community and society. From spearheading pro bono services to organizing fundraising campaigns for critical social issues, GLG’s endeavors underscore its commitment to combating inequality and fostering a more equitable world.

GLG Awards and Recognition

The recognition by Virginia Lawyers Weekly is but one of the accolades acknowledging The Geller Law Group’s unwavering commitment to supportive, inclusive practices. Having been profiled by national publications and awarded for its innovative work environment, the firm continues to set benchmarks in the legal profession. This latest award from Virginia Lawyers Weekly reinforces GLG’s position as a leading firm in empowering women attorneys, showcasing the remarkable achievements made possible through the firm’s pioneering spirit.

Looking Forward

With a talented team consisting of 97% women committed to excellence, The Geller Law Group is poised for continued growth and innovation. GLG remains dedicated to expanding its impact, fostering diversity within its ranks, and championing the causes of women in the legal profession and throughout our communities.

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