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Geller Law Group Celebrates 12-Year Anniversary

Geller Law Group Celebrates 12 Years in Business

Twelve years ago today, sitting at her kitchen table, GLG President/CEO Rebecca Geller started an entrepreneurial journey fueled by an unwavering drive for change. With two young sons, ages 2.5 years and 8 months, Rebecca took a courageous leap towards an uncertain future. She Googled “how to start a law firm”, determined to break free from the rigid structures of a large law firm job that totally disregarded work-life balance. She envisioned a better way — a law firm model where flexible hours and remote work were not just possibilities but realities for legal professionals.

Fast forward to today, we’re thrilled to celebrate The Geller Law Group’s 12-year anniversary. From a humble beginning sparked by a Google search, our firm has thrived into a substantial team of over 30 dedicated professionals — and we’re still growing (see our hiring posts).

This past year has been a testament to the unwavering support of our friends, families, team members, clients and partners. With each engagement, review, and referral, we’ve strengthened our resolve and widened our reach. Astonishingly, we’ve averaged an extraordinary 26 new clients every week, serving diverse needs from wills, trusts and estates to probate, small business and family law matters.

The combined efforts and shared vision of our team have brought us more individual and firm-wide awards this year than ever before. We’re delighted to have been recognized as “The Best Places to Work Law Firms 2023”, a “Best Law Firm 2024” ranked by Best Lawyers, and our proudest accolade yet — the “Pro Bono Firm of the Year” presented by the Northern Virginia Pro Bono Law Center of the Fairfax Bar Association.

As we mark this milestone, we’re reminded of our founding beliefs: having a fulfilling family life while achieving professional success does not have to be an oxymoron in the legal industry. That’s why we prioritize fostering a healthy work-life harmony. We believe the happiness enjoyed by our team trickles down to our clients, resulting in their satisfaction, glowing reviews, and an ever-increasing pool of referrals. We’re immensely grateful for this shared success.

Our journey has been about more than just our legal practice. It’s about making meaningful contributions to our community — a commitment that remains at the forefront of our values. We’re resolute in extending our helping hand to those who need it the most and putting purpose to work!

Thank you for engaging with our posts and sharing your experiences with your networks. We appreciate you standing alongside us through this incredible year and look forward to navigating many more to come!

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