Adoption Law

As part of our Family Law Practice, The Geller Law Group attorneys offer clients compassionate support, a thorough understanding of adoption laws in Virginia, and a proactive approach in addressing the very emotional challenges related to the adoption process. 


When considering adoption, it is important to seek legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected. We take pride in making sure the transition and legal process are as smooth as possible for all parties involved. 


Each state maintains its own adoption policies. As such, the process can vary considerably for families in different states. Virginia has laws in place to protect all parties involved in an adoption case, including the birth parents.


The Geller Law Group represents families in Virginia seeking to adopt through a child-placement agency, adoptions by stepparents, same-sex couple adoptions and parental placement adoptions. 


We are prepared to walk with you on your adoption journey as a result of our years of experience in Virginia adoption law and the personalized attention and care we provide.

Our team has represented clients in the following matters:  


  • Parental placement adoptions 

  • Second parent adoptions  

  • Single parent interstate adoptions

  • Close relative adoptions

  • Contested and uncontested step-parent adoptions

  • Same-sex parent in an action in which a surrogate attempted to set aside the adoption

What Our Clients Say
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